C MULLENS COACH LINES LLC OF MIAMI FLORIDA is owned and operated by Thomas Day and Carolyn Mullens. We are a small tour bus company and able to stand up to the bigger companies because of who we are. A wonderful and safe environment with well dressed appearances. Always greeting our customers with a smile. Our job as C MULLENS COACH LINES is to get you to and from your destination as safe as possible. C MULLENS COACH LINES also provide to our customers; nice clean buses, that comes with am/fm radio, D.V.D. player, C.D. player, electrical outlets to keep your devices fully charged as you travel, very clean restroom for your personal needs, air conditioning and heating, and T.V. monitors to watch movies. We provide services for; UNIVERTIES, HIGH SCHOOL, MIDDLE SCHOOL,and ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, SPORTS; (NFL, NBA, HOCKEY, BASEBALL,, and etc,,) We also provide services for, PRIVATE TOURS, YOUR OWN PERSONAL TOUR, FAMILY REUNION, WEDDINGS, CHURCH CONVENTIONS, GRADUATIONS(and GRAD PARTIES),PERSONAL PARTIES, AIRPORT PICK UPS, and DROP OFFS, SHUTTLES SERVICES, and more. It doesn't matter where you are, we come to you. We travel through out the United States including Cananda. As our logo says, "COME ENJOY THE SITE AND SOUND" with C MULLENS COACH LINES and guarantee to have a good time.